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Mountain Creek Ranches Hunting Club Resort Activities

At the Mountain Creek Ranches Hunting Club, there are a number of activities to keep you and your family busy from sun up to sun down.  Young hunters may accompany their parents in these activities and ranch foreman are available to help you load and clean your game.



With over 50 different animals to hunt in the region, hunters of all experience levels will find something in this beautiful stretch of Hill Country. Various affordable club memberships are available.  Mountain Creek Resort has six available ranches for whitetail hunting. During the hunting season, hunters will move around from ranch to ranch to avoid applying pressure on the game.

Turkeys are also available here and they are managed through responsible hunting and infra-red cameras. Please note that turkeys may not be taken around the feeders and they are to be “called in” and taken with shotguns.  Professional turkey callers may accompany you on hunting expeditions.

Maybe exotic hunting is of particular interest? In the Medina area, you’ll find year-round opportunities for the exotic hunting of axis, fallow, and sika deer, elk, aoudad, mouflon rams and blackbuck antelope. These exotics find this area as the perfect place for grazing and enjoying the clean air and water.
Hill Country is also favorable to hog and varmint hunting. This can be very exciting and fun as night hunting includes red lights for these nocturnal animals. Hunters will find hogs, mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes and an occasional 400-pound Russian boar.



There are many fishing opportunities through the numerous private lakes in the immediate area. They are stocked with largemouth bass, crappie and catfish. Of particular interest to some fisherman is the rainbow trout found in the Medina River.


Social Activities

Visitors to the ranch include more than hunters and fishermen. Guests of all ages can find a number of activities to participate in during their visit. The ranch can accommodate small groups, family reunions and corporate picnics.

Guests may spend the day at a private lake and enjoy water activities consisting of boating, canoeing and tubing down the Medina River. Other events may include a golf outing in Hill Country and horseback riding. After a busy day of activities, why not enjoy a live band or a picnic? Guests will also find indoor activities such as a game of pool and additional fun things to do while taking a break from the great outdoors.


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